January 18th, 2021

African flower crochet motif

A wonderful collaboration

Apparently sea shanties are a thing on TikTok. A friend on Facebook alerted me to an article which explained the way different people who didn't know one another and had never met in real life had built up an amazingly rich sound from the original solo. Here's a compilation of the final results. I just love the modest baritone who says, "filler baritone which nobody will hear but adds gentle thiccness." (sic)

There's something about that bass harmony that makes the hairs prickle on the back of my neck and all the versions, which increase in complexity, are amazing.

Here's the link to the article which explains how it arose and then a YouTuber made the compilation I've linked above.

Article showing how the song grew!
African flower crochet motif

Shopping update (early this week)

There was a flurry of panic on the local Facebook group over the weekend and a rumour that the Co-op and Eurospar were closed because staff members had covid. It turned out that the Co-op had got a couple of staff off sick or isolating, but they had only closed early for a deep clean and were open as normal today.

Working on the principle that the best time to do something is right after there has been a scare and everyone is now doing their absolute best to stop it happening again, plus the fact Storm Christoff is forecast for tomorrow, I went shopping today while the weather was dry. Besides, last week was probably the most dangerous time to visit the Co-op and I can't do anything about things that are in the past.

The Co-op was the quietest I've known it, so I did my shopping in record time and came home to do the ritual wash (hand, face, spectacles and mouth wash) before putting the shopping away.

Today I also did some crocheting, went for a short and slightly damp walk and scanned another pack of slides, this time from August 1968. I may process a few tomorrow and post them.