February 11th, 2021

Clean all the things!

Spring cleaning

It's not really spring and we're having unusually cold weather this week, but the sun is rising higher now so it shines in through the windows, revealing all the dust. And so the urge to declutter and clean has come upon me! I'm also partly motivated by the fact that I need to make a space in my tiny study to film videos. Just the vlogger style speaking direct to camera type of video, but I need a tidy background to do that.

The videos I normally want to make involve going somewhere and walking or exploring outdoors, but lockdown is making that next to impossible, especially with the weather being bad at the moment. I have previously used the bookshelves in the conservatory as a background, but it's far too cold to film in the conservatory at the moment and I can only do it when G goes for a walk. His desk is right in front of the window looking out into the conservatory, so I'd be too embarrassed to film with an audience. Anyway, I've made a fair bit of progress with clearing the boxes and bags off the study floor and also given the bedroom a thorough vacuuming.

One thing I've finally got around to doing was opening the box of my Dad's diaries which I took charge of after he died. I'd agreed to look through them and my brother packaged them up and sent them to me, but they'd been sitting on the floor for several years. There are about 20 of them, starting in the late 90s and mostly they're very mundane -- drove into town, collected pension, saw friends, that sort of thing. But I have devised a plan. I will skim through them and mark any interesting entries which can be photographed and eventually transcribed to be part of the family history that I want to put together, then the diaries themselves can be shredded. If I do one every few days, it won't take too long and I can reclaim a bit more space.

There was one intriguing note that kept cropping up in the diary for 1992. "Fed and watered Elvera," occurred several times. As I know he didn't have any pets and the entries occurred several weeks apart, it seems my Dad had a named plant!