February 12th, 2021

African flower crochet motif

One vaccine dose successfully achieved

My husband had his first covid jab this morning. It was very convenient, just 10 minutes walk away in the local leisure centre. I walked into town with him and popped into the Co-op (which is next door) to do a top-up shop and he was waiting for me when I came out, so the vaccination must have taken about 5 minutes.

Meawhile in the Co-op I managed to use the self-checkout successfully, without leaving anything un-scanned this time! I also managed to buy a couple of lemons, which of course don't have barcodes and so can't be scanned. Fortunately the menu was quite straightforward to negotiate once I spotted the fruit & veg option. Just a couple more successful attempts and I'll get the checkout to speak Welsh to me. :-)

The weather is bitterly cold so I'm not planning on going out again today, but at least it's bright and sunny. Tuesday was horrible. I walked into the Co-op and it was biting cold but just grey and dreary. As I look out of the window, the clouds are moving right to left. Normally they move from left to right because our prevailing weather usually comes from the west.