April 3rd, 2021

View from study (sunny)

A quiet day

It's another lovely sunny morning here, but we've cancelled our plan to meet our son and grandchildren next Tuesday because on Sunday night the temperature is going to drop to around 3-4 deg C, which with wind chill will be too miserable for having a socially distanced walk and catch up chat. The plan has been postponed until the weather sorts itself out and stops randomly sending June and January weather in April. (Last week was too hot to wear a coat!)

I've already been into town and collected my prescription and bought some more vitamins, so anything else I do today is a bonus.
island calm

The Say Something in Welsh choir

Last year in April, the people who frequent the Say Something in Welsh forum took part in the recording of a Welsh hymn. We all recorded our parts at home using our phones and emailed them to Ceri Francis who organised everything, arranged the music, edited together all the sound tracks and added photos and video.

This year she has re-edited the sound files to create an a cappella version which possibly works even better. It was a complete coincidence that I'd recorded the video clip of the waterfall last Tuesday as I didn't see her email asking if people had any more river or water photos until the day after. So now I have three waterfalls in this video and G makes an appearance as a distant figure in blue.