May 20th, 2021

I can't stand this rain

Weather changeable

In complete contrast to the photos I posted earlier this week, we now have heavy rain and high winds. I'm keeping an anxious eye on the cheap plastic garden table and chair, but though they've blown over, they don't seem inclined to set off across the neighbours' garden. I think at least one leg may have fallen off the table, but I'm not going out to rescue it in this weather. Also when I set out to take some stuff to the recycling centre this afternoon, I found the now empty waste food bin in the middle of our parking area, as though it had got fed up with waiting to be brought in from the pavement and had decided to make its own way home.

Yes, the recycling centre...

It was horribly wet, but I took a number of items including: G's old computer chair, the dead lightbox, the broken bathroom scales, a rusty tin of paint, a few old electrical items, and a small tatty vintage suitcase that had held some photos and odds and ends belonging to my mother-in-laws. I'd moved the items into a better storage box and the suitcase, along with the other items had been sitting at the front of the garage getting in the way.

Of course I wouldn't have gone to the recycling centre if I hadn't booked a slot last weekend before I'd checked the weather forecast. Anyway, the job is done and I did the top-up shop in the Eurospar, so I can hide indoors tomorrow and have a more restful day.