June 15th, 2021

View from study (sunny)

Shopping day

It must have been busy in the Co-op over the weekend because there were items missing, some of them things I wanted. Fortunately, because I now keep a bigger stash of groceries, I'm not going to run short of anything and I got the fresh stuff I needed and topped up some basics. I may need to visit both local supermarkets on Thursday though in order to get the missing items.

This afternoon was spent going through the short biography I had to send in for the Welsh exam. I have been expanding on all the points I mentioned and making sure I knew all the vocabulary needed to talk about everything I have mentioned. Tomorrow I'll spell and grammar check it and read it through a few times. Otherwise there's nothing I can prepare because I won't know the topics I have to talk about until the morning of the exam (Thursday). They send the article and discussion topics 1 hour before the oral exam starts.