July 16th, 2021

View from study (sunny)

Decluttering continues

Over on Habitica, I run a number of challenges and for the long-term project challenge this month I am focusing on decluttering the house.

This is progressing reasonably well and there was a big leap forwards yesterday when I pulled all the bags out of the top shelf in the big upstairs cupboard and removed the old music keyboard and tent. I cleaned the shelf, threw away a couple of old bags and put everything back tidily.

I tested the keyboard and it still works, despite being ancient (purchased in 1991 according to the receipt which was still in the box), so I will put both it and the tent on the Freecycle group next week. I also checked the new routine for donating stuff to the Red Cross charity shop in town so I should be able to get rid of the bag of clothes that I've pulled out of the wardrobe. Mostly things that don't fit any more and a couple of "What on earth was I thinking when I bought that?".