September 7th, 2021

View from study (sunny)

Brief shopping report

These shopping posts are really for my own reference. I don't have the NHS track and trace app on my phone, but as I only mingle with people when I'm in the supermarket for the big weekly shop or the end of week for the quick top-op shop, noting here on LJ where and when I went shopping will do instead, just in case I'm unlucky enough to fall ill.

Today the Co-op was much quieter, well-stocked and everyone was well-behaved and wearing masks. The schools have gone back, so the majority of the holidaymakers have gone home leaving the town peacefully basking in the unexpected hot spell. Well, I say "unexpected" but there's a saying in Welsh that we get "Haf bach Mihangel" in September. It translates as "Michael's little summer," and the Michael is, of course, St Michael. The little summer is possibly a bit early this year because Michaelmas isn't until the end of the month.

Once I'd done the Co-op shop, I dithered for a moment as to whether to continue with my plan to also visit Eurospare and fill up the car with diesel. I felt tired, but decided I wasn't too tired to do more shopping, because if not now, when?

Eurospar was also quiet with good mask wearing, apart from the young man on the checkout in the kiosk who had his mask under his nose. However, he was behind a perspex screen so I wasn't too bothered.

Then to the garage to fill up with diesel and thence home.