September 17th, 2021

African flower crochet motif

Plenty of food available today

I usually do the top-up shop early in the morning, but I also needed to call into Boots to pick up my prescription. I thought I'd give them more time to have it ready, so I chatted with my elderly friend, did the crossword and zygolex puzzle together and then walked into town. The tablets weren't ready. They said it was due to be collected tomorrow. Normally I'd just have said OK, I'll come back tomorrow, but I have a Zoom meeting and I didn't want to be stressed thinking I had to rush into town either before or after.

I explained I couldn't come in tomorrow, but needed the new tablets for Sunday, when of course Boots is closed. Fair play, they said they could do the prescription for today if I gave them quarter of an hour. So I walked on to the Co-op, did my shopping (fruit & veg and meat supplies back to normal) and collected the tablets on the way back. I've asked them to adjust the timing so the prescription will be ready on Fridays in future, so that means I have a bit more leeway.

Yesterday G and I went to Fairbourne. It was a lovely sunny day and a nice mood boost, but I haven't processed the photos yet and I'm feeling tired now, so I'll post about it tomorrow.