September 24th, 2021

autumn fern

Top-up shop done!

I would have preferred to walk into town to give me a bit of gentle exercise to loosen up all my muscles after the strenuous exercise of yesterday's grass cutting. Unfortunately it was raining. It was that deceptive rain that doesn't appear to be too heavy, but after 10 minutes you find you are soaked though, besides, the food would have got soggy while I was walking back. So I drove and got everything I needed and didn't get wet.

I then phoned M and we did the crossword together. It's a bit hit and miss now whether her copy of the paper will have arrived by 10.30 a.m. but this morning the post was early. After doing the crossword, we chatted briefly and did the zygolex puzzle.

The other useful thing I did this morning was to book my flu jab. Normally they do these at the doctors' surgery, but this year it will be pop-up sessions at the leisure centre. My appointment is mid-October. After being very cautious about meeting anyone, G and I have had a chat and we feel that it's time to be a little braver about being with other people, so I think the flu jab is a wise precaution.