November 4th, 2021

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NaNoWriMo Day 4 -- 1190 / 9000 (13%)

330 words today. I managed to do an early session before the online Welsh class, then this afternoon, after a short nap, I got the rest of the words to reach slightly over my daily goal. I also backed up the work I've done so far.

The characters are starting to come alive. Heather tends to babble when under pressure. Enid is taciturn, Gareth tries to opt out.

In other news...

Actually there is no other news today because what with the writing and the two hour Welsh class and a phone call to a Quaker friend re plans for our Meeting in 2022 and the short nap followed by more writing, that was the day all swallowed up. I still have to write an email, but then I'll stop for the day.

Dyma Ni'n Dod (Here We Come)
1190 / 9000 (13%)

Translated snippet:

"And what did you do next? Was this young man in the garden with the body?"

"No! I didn't know what to do," Heather said. "I've never learned first aid. I froze, like a statue. I don't know how long I was standing there. thankfully Gareth arrived early, I was expecting him at half past eight, but he knows I'm an early bird, usually up before the dogs of Chester[*], and because he has a lot of work today, he thought I wouldn't mind ... "

The policeman raised his hand again. "That's enough for the moment. Where exactly is the body?"

Heather looked confused. "You had to walk past it when you came up the path."

The policeman stared at her, then looked at the policewoman.

"Right," he said, "Come with us to the garden and show us the place."

The two left the kitchen, with Heather on their heels. Enid raised her eyebrows at Gareth who shrugged his shoulders in reply. With nothing else to do, Enid followed the police.

In the garden, Heather stood, her hands on her cheeks and a look of surprise on her face. "But it was there!" she cried.

"Perhaps there was no body," the policeman suggested. "Perhaps someone was drunk and fell asleep in your garden?"

[*] Welsh idiom akin to "up with the lark".