November 8th, 2021

computer typing

NaNoWriMo Day 8 -- 2676 / 9000 (30%)

Words written during November: 2676 / 9000 (30%)
Writing days: 8/8

Words written today, a surprising 511. I used to be happy with that as a total when I was writing in English so doubly pleased that I wrote that many Welsh words.

The story is starting to gather momentum and it was two characters conversing in a cafe. I need to do a little planning first thing tomorrow to set up the next scene.

Otherwise the day was uneventful. I made soup using the stock from the slow-cooked pork shoulder we had on Saturday. I also outlined a report relating to a project I may explain before too long, but it's complicated. The thing we're trying to fight against doesn't affect us directly, but G hates to see bad science and it relates to his PhD research, so we have taken up the cause.