November 13th, 2021

computer typing

NaNoWriMo Day 13 -- 3836 / 9000 (45%)

I have managed to just about meet my target so far this month.

Words written during November: 3836 / 9000 (45%)
Writing days: 13/13
Average no. of words written each day: 295

Heather and Enid did spend a little while talking about wallpaper, but Enid got the conversation back on track. :-)

Translated snippet

Enid knocked on Heather's front door. The door opened slowly, only slightly, and Heather looked around the edge. "Oh! You're knocking!" Heather opened the door wide saying, "What do you want?" She paused for a moment. "Sorry, that sounded rude. I'm feeling so nervous this week, after ... after ... Well, you know why. The police say I shouldn't worry. They think there was some sort of fight between drug dealers. PC Heather Roberts said yesterday on the phone that they suspected the body was not dead and his friends came to his rescue and carried him away. But the idea doesn't help at all. I don't like to think of dangerous youths in my garden, in our area even."

"May I come in for a minute?" asked Enid. "I want a word with you. And by the way, please call me 'you'. I'm not that old."[*]

Heather stood back and indicated that Enid should step in.

"Go through to the parlor. I'll put the kettle on." Heather pointed in the direction of the front room. "We'll need a cup of tea."

Less than a quarter of an hour later, the two sat in a cozy little parlor with a real fire, comfortable chairs and pretty floral wallpaper. The curtains matched. "I don't know what I was thinking," Heather said. She was clearly aware of where Enid was looking. "The wallpaper looked much better in the store."

"It's nice but I have to admit it's too fussy for me. I've got magnolia everywhere."

"I'm going to change the decoration at some point, but I'm so busy with painting, I can't cope with a painter and a decorator in the house." Heather poured milk into her cup, paused and asked, "Milk? There's nothing wrong with it today, thankfully."

"Just a little, and no sugar, please."

There was a silent pause while Heather poured the tea and gave Enid a cup.


"No thanks, I'm trying to lose weight." Enid realized she needed to set the conversation on the right track. "The odd things that were happening this week are the reason I popped in."

[*] Welsh, like many other languages (but unlike modern English), retains the distinction between singular and plural "you". Also, like French, plural "you" is also used when speaking to one person to indicate respect and formality.