November 16th, 2021

computer typing

NaNoWriMo Day 16 -- 4765 / 9000 (53%)

I didn't make my target today but I should be able to catch up later in the week.

Words written during November: 4765 / 9000 (53%)
Writing days: 16/16
Average no. of words written each day: 298

I didn't manage much NaNoWriMo writing today because it was the big weekly food shop this morning and then this afternoon I went out for a walk with G, following the river where it flows through town. He needed photos for a report he's writing for the local football club. Most of the pictures were dull but illustrative, such as the flood defence wall around the back of the fire station and the flood gates behind the sheltered housing, but I did sneak this more artistic shot of the Afon Wnion, taken from a bridge. After processing the photos, I managed 125 words, which is just under half my daily target. I should be able to make up the rest later this week.

Afon Wnion