November 22nd, 2021

computer typing

NaNoWriMo Day 22 -- 6594 / 9000 (73%)

I have managed to meet my target so far this month.

Words written during November: 6594 / 9000 (73%)
Writing days: 22/22
Average no. of words written each day: 300

I felt rather tired this morning. I had two Quaker meetings on Zoom yesterday. The morning was just our local meeting with just 3 of us, but the afternoon was the Area Meeting for business, with about 26 people. It went on for 3 hours! We did have a tea break in the middle, but it's still a lot of concentrating.

However, after a sluggish start, I did a couple of useful things. Firstly I noticed someone on the local Freecycle Facebook group asking if anyone had any wool they didn't want because their son was using it and needed more. They didn't say what sort of craft he was doing, but after checking that they still wanted yarn, I sorted out a bag of left over balls of assorted colours and random sizes and I will take it up to their house tomorrow because they live very near the Co-op and Tuesday is when I do my weekly shopping trip.

I then felt inspired to actually do some cleaning. I just swept the wooden stairs, gave them a wash and swapped the grubby rugs for clean ones. The dirty rugs have been washed and will be hung out to dry tomorrow. The new cordless vacuum cleaner finally arrived today (after failing to make it on Friday) so I'll have new toy to play with and hopefully end up with a cleaner bedroom and study.

I finally managed some writing, ending up with a perfectly respectable 249 words.