November 24th, 2021

computer typing

NaNoWriMo Day 24 -- 6911 / 9000 (77%)

Words written during November: 6911 / 9000 (77%)
Writing days: 24/24
Average no. of words written each day: 288

Words written today = 144

Today was a struggle because I felt tired. There was the Welsh chat in the morning and these days we talk for about 1 hour 20 minutes. It was good to see people and especially good to see the two friends who caught covid at a committee meeting. Rates are still high locally and quite a lot of the people who attended fell ill, but fortunately all were at least double-jabbed and my two friends were triple-jabbed, so though they were ill, they just looked after themselves at home and are now on the road to recovery.

After doing the online chat, I assembled the new Hoover which came in a great number of parts which all slot together in a variety of ways, depending on whether you want to vacuum a carpet, hoover your armchair or remove cobwebs from the ceiling. I then charged the Hoover and later gave is a trial run round part of my office which is now much cleaner than it was before.

Anyway, here is a translation of today's words:

The lane to the first house was very narrow. There weren't many passing places either. "I'm not used to lanes like this now," Enid muttered under her breath. She hoped no one was driving in the opposite direction. To tell the truth, she had never driven on narrow roads, except on holidays. She had moved to England after leaving university and before she passed her driving test, but luckily she arrived at the cottage without meeting another car.

The cottage was tidy. Too neat. Enid looked around at the short grass, colourful flower pots and a wreath of fake flowers on the door. There was a key safe on the wall near the door. It was clearly a holiday home. But there was a car in the parking space, so there was someone there.