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Overcoming procrastination -- or at least trying to

In my new mood of determination to do something towards the writing
goals each day I managed to type 258 words yesterday evening while the
pizzas were cooking. Quote (Ceri has gone to introduce herself to their neighbours):

Wondering vaguely whether "away with the sheep" was some technical farming term, Ceri said, "We just arrived today. Well Pip -- that's our baby -- and I arrived today. Wil arrived yesterday."

"Oh, you have a baby!" The farmer's wife exclaimed, almost clapping her hands in delight. "It's time there were new folk at the hostel. Old Master Newtridge had been there for a hundred and twenty six years."

"A hundred and..." Ceri blinked in disbelief. "...and twenty six?"

"I don't know how he did it. He never looked a day over seventy five. Do you know what happened to him?"

I still haven't got around to talking here about the WIP. I should probably stop trying to put together a long post full of insightful and coherent discussion on the topic of writing about domestic subjects in an interesting way and just start posting bits and pieces.
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