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Nothing to report

I don't seem to have been posting much recently. No writing progress to report for one thing and very busy at work in an end-of-termish way for another.

I break up for the summer holiday in one week. Yesterday I was sitting in work, staring at the huge heap of folders on my desk and thinking, "I have all the rest of the month to deal with this." And then I realised that "all the rest of the month" is actually 4 days. Oops!

It is the time of year for local events. Last weekend we had a circus

and this weekend it's the Sesiwn Fawr (lit. Big Session), which is a Welsh/Celtic folk/rock festival. It used to be free and it used to take place in the square in the centre of town, but for the last few years it's been held on the car park and you have to pay to get in. This means that I haven't been able to watch any of the acts. I never seem to have anyone to go with, but when it was free I would walk into town a couple of times during the day and watch for a bit, chat to a few acquaintances and then wander home again. But I'm not prepared to do that when I have to pay to get in.

In fact, judging by the distant sounds drifting in through the open window and the bits we've seen on TV, the bands don't seem much good this year.

I did drift into town earlier and bought a new skirt, a new top and two pairs of linen shorts. I have enough hot weather clothing for the normal amount of hot weather we get, but my limited wardrobe hasn't been able to cope with the extended hot spell, so needed augmenting.

Other than that and a short walk with G just before lunch, I have just mooched around all day doing not very much.

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