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Writing progress -- or rather lack of it

I don't really have any excuse. I'm busy, but I've kept writing when I've been much busier. I do know what happens in the next scene, but actually sitting down to write is beyond me for some reason.

Must do better!

Especially as I now have a Muse. A real tangible one.

We were talking about muses on rasfc and for some reason, it came to me what my muse looks like. I casually happened to mention that she was a small, green, rather worried looking dragon. And then she turned up in the post!

Here she is looking slightly worried.

Though from this side I think she looks rather more determined.

It turns out that mjlayman doesn't just organise chairs, she organises muses too! Small green dragon muse was made specially for me by her friend. I feel honoured and the muse has pride of place on my monitor pedestal.

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