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Holiday time!

I went into work today to tidy up some loose ends, but now I am a free llygoden for nearly 4 weeks.


Today I filled in all the little log books for the ECDL. Each module passed has to be recorded and signed off. I got so fed up with writing my name that I have cracked and ordered a rubber stamp of my name from Viking Direct. Also a date stamp. They weren't expensive and they may save that "writing lines as a punishment" feeling I so often get when filling out the endless pieces of paper that modern education requires.

I got home to find that G had also been busy. Though his busyness was of a more elevated and complex nature as he has been producing screeds of complicated formulae and diagrams for the Ph.D., which is the final Writing Up stage. He has embarked on his second ring binder of material.

Tomorrow I want to write up a bit about the visit to the Llanberis slate mine and post some pictures. Also a bit about the progress I've been making with the W not really IP. But right now I'm off to relax in front of something mindless on the TV. I probably won't actually watch it; I'll be reading, but I need to keep G company.

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