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What I did on the first day of my holidays

... is too boring even for friends

Done today:

  • scrubbed kitchen sink

  • de-crumbed the toaster

  • removed cobwebs from corner of kitchen under cupboards

  • cleaned worktop in corner of kitchen

  • swept kitchen floor

  • deleted all data from old computer

  • dismantled old computer

  • threw away old zip drive as now worthless (see lots for sale on eBay for virtually nothing)

  • heaved huge leviathan of a monitor out into garage

  • thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned old clackety keyboard, because I like it and I want to use it on new computer if at all possible

  • reserved Logitech wheel mouse because I prefer it to the wheel mouse that's currently on the new computer

  • retrieved microphone headset. Will be able to use this with Skype, I hope.

  • read rasfc and LJ for a bit

  • fiddled around reading web pages and looking for a parallel to USB converter for printer

  • decided that converters are a bit expensive and might just try printing via laptop

  • found driver for old Xerox printer as can no longer find CD that came with it

  • read more LJ and rasfc

  • went for a 10 minute run

I am now cooking dinner. The floor behind the (very dusty) computer desk is still covered in computer wire spaghetti, but I will finish sorting it out tomorrow.
Tags: decluttering, house makeover, running

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