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Slow but steady progress

After some wrestling, downloading of drivers and fiddling around with a tangle of wires, I can now print again and I have my nice Logitech wheel mouse installed on Daisy. The new computer did come with a mouse with a scroll wheel, but I couldn't program the wheel button to act as a double click.
So today I:

  • Went carefully through the basket of assorted computer discs and bits and pieces.

  • Finally found the Logitech mouse CD -- in the wrong pack!

  • Totally dismantled the old computer and put printer on chest of drawers

  • Failed to download printer driver to laptop -- kept getting an error from the Xerox page

  • Successfully downloaded printer driver to Daisy

  • Copied printer driver via network to Laptop

  • Sort of installed printer driver on Laptop. It kept throwing up an error, but I hoped for the best.

  • Connected printer to Laptop.

  • Did a test print from Laptop. OK -ish, but the page width was narrower than it should have been.

  • Added Xerox printer on Laptop as an available printer on Daisy.

  • Did test print from Daisy and found it was fine. Phew!

  • Shut down Daisy and connected Logitech mouse.

  • Switched on Daisy and discovered that I had basic mousing. So far so good...

  • Put mouse CD into drive, only to see message saying "Our software won't run on your system." Aarrgghh!

  • Searched web for Windows XP mouse software

  • Downloaded software and install.

Eureka! I know have fully functional scroll mouse and I can stop doing double clicks! RSI danger averted!

Off now into town to buy tea and nuts and newspapers.
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