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Still feeling rather bleah...

So far today I've finished marking the students' assignments and sent them back via the on-line assignment system. I've also composed my job application, but not yet sent it. I want to give it another read through later before I actually e-mail it, just to make sure that it's coherent.

I've also read a few paragraphs more of Mordaith y Sioned Ann, being the Welsh translation of C.S. Lewis's Voyage of the Dawn Treader and considerably more of Divine Endurance by Gwyneth Jones, which for some reason I never read when it was first published. So far I'm reserving judgement, but I'm not jumping up and down thinking, "Gosh! Wow! Wonderful!" which I did over Aberystwyth Mon Amour and Jon Courtenay Grimwood's Pashazade, Effendi and Felaheen.

Right now I'm hot, yet another neighbour is having a bloody barbecue, causing the stink of burning barbecue lighter to float across our back garden. Soon it will smell of burning fat too. Ugh... I would like to go out for a walk, but I have to go and mow the grass or it'll be waist high by next week.

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