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Study makeover

Some progress today in my study, despite being sidetracked for the whole morning into clearing up the garage.

Garage clear up: I managed to remove 5 bags of rubbish and carried several bags of chipped tree out to the back garden, where I will need to find places to spread them. I also put away a lot of Stuff that was heaped on the floor. It is now tidily arranged on the shelves. I then swept the newly revealed floor, put the bike and lawnmower back inside and dragged a few boxes, plus two old hockey sticks and a few bits of scrap wood down to the Swamp Beyond The Back Garden to have a bonfire. As I haven't been down there this summer, I had to hack my way across the bottom bit of our garden with the scythe and then clear a space for a fire. But all was successfully burned before the rain started.

After lunch and a brief rest catching up with email, LJ and rasfc, I managed to empty the bookshelves and chest of drawers in my study and, by manoeuvring the bits of furniture, rolled up and removed the ancient carpet.

All is now clear to attack the wallpaper stripping and preparation stage tomorrow. Oh, what fun I have on my holidays! *g*
Tags: decluttering, house makeover

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