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Writing progress

Words written today: 2 pages hand written
Words written total: Still not worked it out. Need to type up the handwritten stuff.
Percentage complete: 1% or thereabouts
Daily average required to complete by (self-imposed) deadline: 239
Reason for stopping: The Internal Editor woke up and pointed out that I was about to use the word somehow. This is a dead giveaway that I had got Bethany into a position from which there was no way she could escape. Which meant that what I'd just written was not going to work. Fortunately, it's not so wrong that it can't be revised as I type it up.

Basically, she can't kill the caretaker in self-defence. Once he's attacked her and got his hands round her throat, she's a gonner. Therefore she has to kill him in a pre-emptive strike because she thinks he is about to attack her. And suddenly everything that I'd felt I was forcing in later scenes makes perfect sense. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! My writing brain does know what it's doing. Just trust the writing brain!


I have now webbed the first 19 chapters of Legacies of War. Apologies to anyone who is reading because I have left you with something of a cliffhanger. There will be more chapters tomorrow.

I'm doing them as fast as I can, but even without reading it all properly, I need to skim each chapter to make sure there's nothing missing or weird about it. And as I do so, I usually see one or two typos. Then I have to run the macro to change underlining to italic. Then each chapter needs to be posted and the links inserted to link one to the next. It's not difficult, but it takes time and is rather tedious.
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