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A quiet domestic day and one of those evenings

After a run of weekends with unusual activities (daughter's wedding, a trip to Caerleon and Cardiff and, well, I can't remember what I was doing last weekend, but I know it wasn't housework) the house was in desperate need of some care and attention. After a good deal of laundry, washing up, vacuuming, shopping and bread making, everything is much more in order and I'm ready to face the rest of the week at work.

My four day working week is going to be much better; I really can't cope with all the non-paid-work stuff when working five days. Not to mention the fact that a long commute five days per week is just too much driving for me. A four day week will enable me to have a weekend relaxing and doing stuff with G etc, and then still have a day to do household chores and keep in top of things.

But after a good day, the evening fell apart rather. I was just sitting quietly reading the local paper when my daughter phoned me from Los Angeles airport to reassure me that she hadn't been killed in the helicopter flight in the Grand Canyon because, fortuitously, she and her new husband had chosen one that left an hour later. Waaaaaah! I suppose I ought to have been reassured, but it of course sent me into a panic of "but what if's?" After a brief conversation on a rather bad phone line, I hung up, feeling decidedly twitchy, but I'd barely got upstairs to check my e-mail when the phone rang again. This time it was a message from G (who is teaching an evening class) to say that the Sage accounts package hadn't been re-installed after the summer upgrade to the network and could I please bring the CD? Fortunately the college is a mere 5 minute's walk away. I trotted over, left the CD and then got caught in a rain shower coming home.

So now I'm rather damp, posting this quickly and checking my Friends list and then I still have to cook dinner before ironing and putting away a humungous mountain of clean clothes.

And now G has returned early because the network wouldn't let him install anything as he doesn't have the administrator privileges. Ah well. Time to have dinner and a soothing glass of wine, methinks.

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