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A hectic week

Although term started on the 15 September, the first sessions were spent:

  • filling out the epic enrolment forms
  • telling the students all they were supposed to know about studying at the college and getting them to tick the information off on the induction checklist as they were told
  • allocating usernames and getting all students logged into the system

Which left about 15-20 minutes at the end of each lesson in which to actually do some teaching.

So this week was the first week we could get down to starting on the course content, with the added complication of doing the enrolment forms with the students who didn't join classes last week, for whatever reason.

All this meant I had no time for LiveJournal, and I'm now busy catching up.

Generally I'm feeling positive about this year. My shift to listening to music in the car instead of the radio seems to have had a calming effect on my mind and I find it easier to concentrate and get on with stuff instead of procrastinating. I am (as I type this) also downloading some Welsh lessons from the BBC's Catchphrase site in order to try to make use of the otherwise wasted time driving to work. Improving my Welsh is one of my projects for this winter.

G has just called upstairs to ask if I'm ready to go for lunch, but I want to add more about the WIP later. I will be back...

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