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Last minute panic before going back to work

After fiddling away at the study makeover in dribs and drabs for most of the holiday, it lurched forwards dramatically today as I realised that the holiday is almost over, new carpet is being fitted next Friday and thus I have an immovable deadline for completion. Eeek!

  • thoroughly scrubbed the bookcase and chest of drawers to get rid of old furniture polish

  • filled the holes in the plaster where I had wrenched off the piece of timber that had been nailed up by the builders and which the old curtain rail had been fixed to

  • filled the much smaller holes where our daughter had pinned up pictures (my study used to be her bedroom)

  • painted bookcase and chest of drawers dark brown

  • painted walls dusky rose

The walls will need another quick coat tomorrow, as will parts of the chest and bookcase. Also need to do the gloss white on the skirting board and the wooden hatch cover that leads into the loft space.
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