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In other news...

I wasn't in work today. That's because I have to be in college on Monday for all sorts of meetings and training lectures intended to gear us up for the new term. As I only work 4 days normally, I thought I'd take this Friday off, which meant a nice short week for my first week back, though of course I'll have to do a 5 day week next week.

So today ended up as one of those days when you think it would have been more restful to go into work. Last night I'd put 4 items out for the bulky rubbish collection. They were duly collected first thing. I also had to rush the car and G's Daihatsu into the garage and then clear the paint pots and other decorating debris out of the newly painted study so the carpet could be laid.

I had just about finished sweeping the floor when the carpet arrived. It looks really good. I've put the bookcase back and the chest of drawers, also some of the stuff that was crammed into the spare room in order the clear the study for the makeover. Then there was the quick trip into town to pay for the carpet and to buy pizza for dinner. More sorting out to do tomorrow, but it's getting there.

As I'd felt rather stressed earlier (don't ask! I'll just say that G and banks get on like a keg of gunpowder and a lit match) I went for a 2 mile run and felt much better after it.

Tired now, off to bed.
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