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Other stuff done today

Managed a few boring domestic bits and pieces.

  • Took the car into garage and it passed its MOT OK. Daihatsu still not ready.

  • Wrote to BT to point out that they have been overcharging us.

  • Touched up a couple of little holes in our bedroom wall where I'd moved two pictures to better positions.

  • Hung my nice horse print on the wall in my study.

  • Went for a cycle ride. The weather was gorgeous: warm and sunny, but not too hot for exercise.

  • Retrieved car from garage and put all the boxes of files back in the boot.

  • Walked to the Co-op to buy food for the week. There's just me here, of course, as G is in Czechoslovakia until Friday.

  • Phoned a couple of students and put them into classes. Yes, I know. It's my day off. But it's easier to get hold of people in the evening than during working hours.

That's it now. Off to relax and wind down before bedtime.

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