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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War)
Words revised today: 695
Words now in Chapter 2: 4234
Percentage reduction: 24%
Words now in Chapter 3: 4872
Percentage reduction: -3%
Words total: 65,133
Reason for stopping: Done as much as I can do for tonight. Need an early night because I'm working in the morning.

I chopped a big lump off the end of Chapter 2. The small bit of necessary information that had been in the lump was added to the opening of Chapter 3, which is why it's grown slightly.

Other writing news: that Escape Pod didn't want Binding Space and Time. Oh, well...

Right now I feel that as my writing gets better, my chances of selling anything are going down. Online, just about everyone I know is writing a novel, the competition gets fiercer daily and I see the goal posts of publication receding ever further into the mists of the far end of the ever enlarging playing field.

However, having come this far, I may as well keep at it, even if I never ever sell another story. Writing novels must be good for the brain and it's far less boring than soduko or crossword puzzles. The mental challenge will keep the grey cells active into my old age. *g*

Oh, there was a bit of good news. I found the Daihatsu parked in front of our garage; the keys and the MOT certificate having been posted through the letterbox. Both vehicles are thus roadworthy and the Daihatsu will be legal again tomorrow when I've bought it its tax disc. Progress!
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