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Weekly Progress Review

In my efforts to Get OrganisedTM, and following the suggestions in the book How to Get Organised When You Don't Have the Time, I'm trying to designate my activities as Projects and make sure that I don't have more than 5 of them on the go at once. I have always had a tendency to take on too much, and therefore get nowhere with anything. I've done project planning for activities before and I'm fine on the planning, just not so good at actually carrying out the plan. So this time I'm having a weekly review meeting with myself to see how the activities are progressing.

(NB: M is the initial of my first name, which is the name I'm known by at work and by my family. H is the initial of my middle name, which I use for writing and on-line and at SF cons etc.)

M: So what progress have you made on the writing this week? Last week was good, we exceeded our weekly target.

H: Um... It was a busy week. You were very busy because it was the first week of actually teaching the students something as opposed to just filling in forms with them.

M: Yes, I know, but how many words have we written in total? Strict word count, remember.

H: (Sotto voce) 511.

M: Is that all?

H: I did do some useful brainstorming on fundraising methods my characters will need in later chapters.

M: OK, but you'll have to do better next week.

H: OK. So how have you been getting on with re-decorating the kitchen and clearing out the garage.

M: Um...

H: Ah! So I'm not the only one who hasn't been making progress then.

M: I don't know, the weekend just seemed to vanish and as you know there's no time in the week.

H: So have we made progress with anything?

M: The Welsh learning has just made a great leap forwards.

H: So what have we learned?

M: Nothing yet, but we've found all those lessons for free on the BBC web site and downloaded some of them.

H: But the mp3 files the BBC provided wouldn't copy onto CD, would they?

M: No, but after a good deal of Googling, we found some software to convert the .ram files that are also provided into mp3.

H: And those copied all right?

M: They did and I've tried them out on the personal CD player and they sound fine.

H: So we can actually start learning Welsh again next week?

M: Yes, indeed we can.

H: So I think that's a bit of progress, don't you?

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