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What a scene should be doing

truepenny has been writing some insightful things about scenes here.

As I'm in the process of drastically cutting the existing draft of A Necessary Evil, I'm dragging quite a few scenes into the spotlight and shouting, "Justify your existence!" at them. Some of them have a feeble excuse for being in the book, and I now have the skills to make them really count. A few just whimper, "I am no use at all. Put me out of my misery! Shoot me now!" and, sadly, they have to be culled.

Chapter 5 is a case in point. I'll be salvaging a couple of paragraphs out of almost 5000 words. The rest -- which I was quite proud of at the time! -- is just padding. Sigh... A lot of darlings are dying during this revision pass.
Tags: a necessary evil, revision, scenes, writing reflection

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