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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War)
Words revised today: Second half of Chapter 5
Words now in Chapter 5: 4744
Percentage reduction: 24%
Words total: 57,811
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Had to prepare stuff for the week's lessons. Also do my Welsh homework.

The opening chapters are still a mess. They're just not as strong as I would like, but at least the waffle is being cut.

Otherwise the weekend was pretty unexciting. I don't feel as though I've done anything much useful, though I have done a heap of laundry and dried it and even ironed some. I've also: written a handout on how to copy and paste things; worked lots of spreadsheet tasks so I have printouts with which to check the students' work on Wednesday and decided which word processing tasks I'm going to use. Oh, and I've read quite a lot of Pratchett's latest, Wintersmith.

What I haven't done is send Moving a Mountain out to another agent. Um... Yes, I know. I should get my act together, but the weekend sort of dribbled away before I got chance. I didn't exercise either. I don't think cycling the few minutes into town and back on Saturday counts really.

Must try harder...
Tags: a necessary evil, agents, procrastination, writing progress

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