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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War)
Words revised today: Too fiddly to work out
Words now in Chapters 6 & 7: 8354 and 0 respectively
Percentage reduction: Too fiddly to work out
Words total: 55K approx
Reason for stopping: Need to make sandwich for lunch and get ready to go to work.

Lots of hacking stuff around this morning.

I pruned the end of Chapter 5 and skimmed Chapter 6, but left it alone for now. (Just about all the stuff in it is required, but it needs serious condensing in order to say it in fewer words).

I also moved all the stuff from Chapter 7 into Chapter 6, to be similarly condensed. The new chapter 6 needs reducing from a total of 8354 words to something like 5000 words. Old Chapter 7 deleted and all other chapters renamed to reflect their new position.

Glanced at Chapter 8, which I will also leave for now as it only needs a little light pruning. There is lots of plot development in there, unlike Chapter 6 & 7 which mostly contained character development and background. Not enough to justify the number of words in them.

Next step is to make a few adjustments to the spreadsheet and circular diagram. King Gavran can't die in Chapter 7, that's just not doable. It'll have to be Chapter 9, I think. Still the original plan gave a novel of 95,000 words, so there's a bit of leeway to allow it to grow.
Tags: a necessary evil, writing progress

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