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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War)
Words revised today: 0
Words written today: A few

I think I have the beginning sorted out. It came right because I got Mark's motivation sorted out and the Unconscious Writer Brain promptly started handing me snippets of new stuff.

Conventional wisdom has it that new writers always start too soon. But in the case of the WIP1 and the W Next In The Queue, I had started too late.

Only by five or ten minutes, but it was not the right place at all. It put Mark on his own, struggling to shore in a subtly changed landscape. Why should the reader care? Also, it means that he's not going to commit to the army so soon. He's desperate to get home and it will only be when it's finally drummed into him that it's impossible that he'll throw his lot in with Huw and his friends.

1 OK, the very first version of the WIP that I wrote at the age of about 15 did start much too soon. Several days and a couple of chapters in fact. *g*
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