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A quiet but useful week

Nothing very exciting happened; lots of useful stuff was done.

Still got lots of stuff left to do, but my desk at work is considerably clearer after spending this afternoon Internally Verifying the assessments from 5 of M's classes. A big pile of student work is now off my desk and stored away in a filing cabinet.

This does still leave a small pile to do next week, but it is less daunting.

The classes went OK. The digital photography class is doing really well this time, so my tactic of re-doing the course from scratch in my own way is paying off. Also the class for total beginners has finished, but most of them want to continue to a web & email class, which will start after half term. And my Welsh learning has taken a leap forwards now I've worked out how to get tracks from the CD onto the i-Pod and also how to set the i-Pod to repeat indefinitely -- or in fact to repeat until I get fed up of Story 1, which is about when I reach Bala!

I'm off to South Wales tomorrow to visit the offspring, so I won't be online much -- if at all -- until Monday.

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