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Whoa! Where did the week go?

Suddenly it's Friday and I'm wondering where the week went. One minute I'm going in to work on a Tuesday morning, there's a quick flurry of lessons and then the weekend's here again. It's better than being bored though. I really hated working in an office when there wasn't really enough to do and I was eking work out to make it last. I always felt that there were much better things I could be doing at home. I never had the temerity to take in knitting or crossword books like some members of staff did.

So I've got behind on LiveJournal, both in reading and posting, but I should be able to catch up over the weekend.

Last Monday I had to conduct another tiny funeral. Sadly Rosie died on Sunday evening, and now lies buried beside her sister. We are without rats. We are once again petless. It seems very quiet and empty in my study without them -- which is odd, because how much noise do sleeping rats make? I didn't register the sounds consciously, only now they've gone I realise that I'm missing the occasion tiny scuffle as they turned over in their sleep, perhaps even their breathing. After a week of this, we have now decided to open our home to another pair of furry friends and so the quest for ratty companions is on again. This is not as easy as you might think. Presumably because of all the regulations now governing the sale of live animals, not many pet shops sell them, preferring to just sell pet requisites and foodstuffs. I will make some investigations over the weekend. The pet shop where we bought Rosie and Florence has closed, so I'll have to look elsewhere. Expect progress reports on the search as it develops.

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