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Visit to offspring and exciting news!

The weekend worked out well. After discussing various options, it had been decided that I should go down by train on the Saturday morning, be met by A (our daughter) and have lunch with her. Then we would go to see their new house and meets the in-laws who were over from Ireland for the week. Finally A would drive me to Port Talbot to stay with M (our son). Sunday would be spent with M & M and they would take me back to Cardiff for my train home on Sunday evening.

All went according to plan. The journey down was fine and I managed to: write several pages of new words for the WIP, work on my Welsh homework for class on Tuesday, stare out of the window for a bit and start reading The Three Kingdoms. Much better than driving, which would just have tired me out. I do too much driving during the week to enjoy a long drive at the weekend.

A met me and took me to a very nice pub, where I had a large lunch (too large with hindsight!). Then we somehow escaped the torrential downpours and squeezed a walk around some lakes in between the showers. Back then to the grand tour of the new house where I patted the dogs and was talked at non-stop by A's mother-in-law. B is very well-meaning, but really needs an off-switch fitting. A had been feeling rather frazzled and was glad of my visit as an excuse to escape for a day.

I also got the chance to look at the pictures of my grand-daughter to be, taken during various scans. For yes, indeed, I will become granny llygoden in February! Obviously I have known for some time that A was expecting a baby, but I didn't want to announce it more widely until we were sure -- or at least as sure as one can ever be -- that everything was going OK. So if I start burbling about baby things over the forthcoming weeks, I hope you'll forgive the maunderings of an old lady. *g*

I then spent a pleasant evening with our son and his fianceé, stayed the night with them in Port Talbot and next day went to look at carpets and vinyl flooring before being whisked off to have lunch in the hotel where they are having their wedding reception summer. The hotel is very nice, all new, but very comfortable and with nice grounds where, should it be sunny, the guests can spill outside for drinks and of course for photos.

Only slight damper on the trip was that M felt wobbly when it was time to drive me to the station, so M took me instead. She is a lovely girl and the really suit one another. The journey back was fine too. Trains were more or less on time and I got back home about 11:30pm. Now I know that I can get there and back by train, I must visit more often. It was the 3½ hour drive that was so daunting.

Today I've just caught up with online stuff and typed up the words written on Saturday. I also had a nap because whatever it is that M had, I think I might have it too, though I can't have caught it off him because I had a headache on Sunday morning, and nothing has that short an incubation period!

Back in work tomorrow, though thankfully it's a light day with just the Welsh class in the afternoon and the evening class to cope with.

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