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Note to self

Dear Unconscious

Whatever it is you are trying to tell me via my dreams, I would be very grateful if you could find some less disturbing metaphors with which to do it. Monday night's dream about rushing through a large and confusing train station trying to find the right platform was bad enough, though I do have an inkling of what you might be on about there. The bit about two trains both being in the station at once, both running on the same route, but one going one way and one the other seemed to indicate that I must take care in making a decision. And the part where, despite being, as I thought, careful, I still managed to be on the wrong one when it started to move is probably very meaningful. As is the bit where the train subtly metamorphosed into a boat as it sailed out of the station. I was somewhat surprised when I decided to jump overboard and swim for the shore rather than travel to the next stop and then get the next boat/train headed back in the right direction, which I did indeed contemplate doing in the dream. Waking up not knowing whether I was going to drown was probably for the best, because it looked further than I can swim in real life, certainly while wearing clothes.

However, last night's dream was just not on. I do not appreciate spending what are supposed to be the hours of rest being harrowed by dreams that I can discern no meaning in whatsoever; though I'm sure it meant something to you. If you have anything important to say, please try to be a bit more clear next time. Please also remember that sleep is supposed to refresh me.

Yours sincerely


In other news, I have been quiet on LJ this week because though I kept thinking of things to say, I lacked the time and energy to put fingers to keyboard.

Although it's half term, I'm still in work and still suffering from the 'fluey illness that is pulling me down but not actually making me ill enough that I can say, "Sod it, I'm not going in to work today."

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