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Not at all a bad day...

fjm is in need of vicarious awesomeness.

And I realised that whilst not exactly awesome, yesterday was not a bad day considering I still have the 'fluey thing that everyone else seems to have. During yesterday I:

- Attended a useful meeting in the morning at work. Left meeting feeling more confident that I knew what I was doing with the NVQ assessing.
- Cleared a decent amount of papers off my desk. I hope to do the rest today.
- Listened to an SF story from Escape Pod via the iPod and car radio while driving home.
- Caught up with my online friends.
- Wrote 312 new words towards my November target for the novel in progress.
- Snuggled with G in front of the gas fire while watching Torchwood.
- Slept well without without any harrowing dreams this time.

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