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Not that I watch much TV...

But I always buy the Radio Times to see what's on. I was delighted to see that there is another series of Creature Comforts, the animated Plasticine animals and birds, talking about their lives. It starts at... Oh, pooh! I've missed the first one! How did I do that? I saw that it was on at 5.05pm, but missed the earlier episode at 2.35pm. Bother... At least I've now noticed that there's a further episode at 7.20pm. My mind hadn't registered that there would be 3 episodes in one day. Oh, well.

The original Creature Comforts were by Nick Park, of Wallace and Grommit fame, but these episodes are being made by a different director, though with input from Park. It remains to be seen whether the new series will live up to the wonderfulness of the original one, which led to the famous Electricity adverts. These are (in this house at any rate) considered the best TV adverts of all time. They are the only adverts that caused anyone watching the TV to shout to the rest of the family, "Come here! The penguins are on!" or "You're missing the tortoise!" There would also be cries of delight when watching a video of some TV programme when we realised that we had managed to video one by accident.

The other programme that caught my eye was Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live. This caused a bit of disapproval in one of the Radio Times opinion articles. Alison Graham says, "Let's be honest here. Anyone who tunes in to Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live is doing so hoping to see a human being blow his brains out on live TV." That's probably be a bit strong, as I'm sure not all potential viewers are thinking that, though the whole idea is horrible to me. I'm so risk-averse that I wouldn't watch it live as I'd be terrified that it would go wrong. I wonder what on earth the TV station would do then? However, we can't get English Channel 4 here (the station showing the programme), we only get S4C (the Welsh language station that shows some of the C4 output). Due to the way they schedule stuff, we get C4 programmes 30 minutes to a week later than they're shown in England. Thus if we tune in to watch and it says, "The next programme is Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live", we know it's OK to watch as he pulled off the stunt, and if the announcer says, "And now for a change to our scheduled programme", we know he failed.

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