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Twpsyn dw i! | I am an idiot!

Ddoe, wnaeth teiar ar fy ngar i fynd yn fflat. Ond ro'n i'n lwcus; wnaeth ffrind weld o. Wnaeth hi roi ei ben hi drwy'r drws. Roedd hi'n dweud, "Mae gen ti problem efo teiar, dw i'n meddwl."

O, diar!

Yn ffodus, mae'r adran peirianneg mewn coleg ac mae gynnyn nhw lein awyr. Ro'n i'n gallu rhoi awyr i mewn y teiar. Dim problem!

Ond, ro'n i'n pryderus. Ro'n i'n edrych at y teiar drwy'r dydd. Wedyn, pan ro'n i'n barod i mynd adre, wnes i archwilio y teiar unwaith eto. Aaarrrg! Roedd o'n fflat fel crempog! Mae gen i sbâr, ond dw i ddim yn gallu newid y teiar ar fy mhen fy hunan achos dw i'n fach a gwan.

Wnes i fynd i ffindio help. Yn ffodus, roedd Elfed yn yr swyddfa. Ond, pan roedden ni'n edrych at y teiar, roedd o'n iawn. Be? Iawn? Ro'n i'n siwr mae gen i problem mawr. Be sy wedi digwydd?

Roedd o'n geuddrych! Ro'n i'n teimlo'n reit twpsyn.

Yesterday, a tyre on the car went flat. But I was lucky; a friend saw it. She put her head through the door and said, "I think you have a problem with your tyre."

Oh, dear!

Luckily, there is an engineering department in the college and they have an air line. I could put air in the tyre. No problem!

But I was worried. I was looking at the tyre all day. Then, when I was ready to go home, I inspected the tyre once again. Aaaarrrgh! It was flat as a pancake! I have a spare, but I can't change the tyre on my own because I am small and weak.

I went to find help. Luckily, Elfed was in the office. But, when we looked at the tyre, it was fine. What?
fine? I was sure I had a big problem. What had happened?

It was a hallucination! I felt a right idiot.

It was so weird. I've never had anything like that happen before, but I really did see the tyre as flat. I even felt it. Not only my eyes lied, but my fingers did too.

The rational explanation is that it was just a shadow cast by the dim lighting, combined with the way the tyre was sitting in a pile of leaves.

The only other explanation is that I somehow managed to skip universes and I now live in the universe where the tyre didn't go flat and some other poor llygoden is even now writing a LiveJournal entry about the hassle of changing a tyre in the dark. *g*

This is a bilingual post. I am enjoying the Welsh classes and felt that I ought to be making more of an effort to read and write the language. I therefore want to start doing the occasional bilingual post. But I'll put them behind a cut tag, so you can read or ignore as you prefer.
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