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Mae hi'n gwlyb a wyntog | It's wet and windy

Roedd hi'n bwrw glaw drwy'r dydd heddiw. Glaw drwm. Wnes i ddysgu yn y bore, ond wnes i benderfynu i adael yn gynnar pnawn yma oherwydd y tywydd. Hefyd, dw i wedi blino. Roedd y wythnos yn galed iawn achos roedd G yn mynd i Tseina dydd Mercher ac roedden ni'n brysur iawn yn paratoi popeth.

Bydda i'n gweithio adre penwythnos yma. Dw i'm isio mynd allan yn a glaw!

P.S. O, mae'r teiar yn iawn heddiw. Dim problem o gwbl. Ond dw i'n wylio hwn fel hebog.

It rained all day today. Heavy rain. I was teaching in the morning, but I decided to leave early this afternoon because of the weather. Also, I was tired. It was a very hard week because G was going to China on Wednesday and we were very busy preparing everything.

I will work at home this weekend. I don't want to go out in the rain!

P.S. Oh, the tyre was fine today. No problem at all. But I'm watching it like a hawk.

Off now to snuggle in front of the gas fire and watch Torchwood, which I did manage to record this week. Also two episodes of The State Within which, because it's shown on a Thursday night also has to be videoed because G teaches an evening class on Thursdays and is usually just arriving back home and wanting food at 9:00 pm.
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