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Dodging the showers

I think I went for my walk at just the right time. I have been back about 20 minutes and it is absolutely tipping it down outside the study window. It had been raining heavily earlier too. But I found a brief window in the weather. Though it was still raining when I set out, it soon stopped and I managed to keep more or less dry.

But I am now snuggled in the warm, drinking tea and about to tackle some more of Chapter 3.

Meanwhile, on rasfc, Pat Wrede mentioned reaching the First Veil. In other words, the first sticking point.

I though her "First Veil" might correspond approximately to Lars Eighner's "Plot Point A". That is, the point after the "Hook" when the first real, deep complication occurs and the protags begin to see that they're part of something much bigger. In Pat's reply, it seems that isn't normally the case for her. Sometimes it might be a character development sticking point or an unexpected development in the plot that she hadn't foreseen at the planning stage.

But for me the "First Veil" is usually that point where the story needs to move from the opening Hook into the main body of the novel. After the initial rush of enthusiasm of the opening chapters, I feel as though I'm trying to turn a juggernaut, sans power steering and with dodgy brakes in order to get it to go in the right direction..

As a case in point, in the previous version of the WIP, which I wrote without diagramming it first, I let the "Hook" get totally out of hand and I've been cutting drastically to get "Plot Point A" (the second attempt on the king's life) into the first half of Chapter 4 and not somewhere near the end of Chapter 6.
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