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Story Title: A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War)
Words now in Chapter 4: 5585
Words total: 23,482
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Need to do stuff for work tomorrow.

Chapter 4 included a library scene. This one occurs in the Palace Library.

I seem to like library scenes. I have one in the whodunit too. A book actually does get read this time, though there's also a scuffle and an interrogation. And Huw and Mark get to meet the prince and the king.

I also spent a bit of time shifting huge chunks of text from chapter to chapter. I'm looking very hard at the existing text to be sure that it is actually doing useful stuff with regard to plot and isn't just self-indulgent character stuff. I think the order is approximately right now. I should be able to start looking at Chapter 5 tomorrow morning before I go out to work.

Another snippet,

Mark hardly heard him. He hefted the musket in his hands, feeling the weight of it, smelling the traces of light oil and new varnish. The book from the royal library had yielded no hope of a return journey to Wales. Between them, he and Huw had managed to read the whole of Saint Iestyn's story. Like Gavran's knight before him, Iestyn had searched in vain for a way back to his own world. He had been sure that God would want him to continue his mission to convert the people of Wales to the Christian faith. Convinced that God would show him the way back, he hadn't given up easily. But in the end, he'd been forced to conclude that it must be God's will that he remain where he was, and so had turned to converting the Baradenes instead.

There was no way home.

Turning his attention back to what Brand was saying, Mark tried to concentrate on the travel arrangements, all the while thinking that in a couple of day's time, he would be at the main training barracks in Dunraven: a strange city in a strange country, learning how to fight an enemy he'd learned about for the first time only yesterday.

In other news...

G returned safely from China. I stayed late at work on Friday and then drove up to Manchester airport to wait for his flight. I had a couple of hours to wait, but I had a book and had taken a snack with me this time. Of course this time it was a different terminal, one with more facilities for people meeting passengers, but I was prepared anyway.

I expected to collect a taciturn jet-lagged zombie. In fact G was wide awake and very perky. Yes, he was jet-lagged, but to him it felt like morning rather than 10 o'clock at night. As we drove home, he got more awake as I got sleepier. He's slowly readjusting to UK time, but he came home early from work in order to sleep. Judging by how long it takes him to recover from a trip to America, it will be a while before he's fully on UK time again.

He had a great time though. Very intensive, naturally, as he was giving papers at two conferences, one in Beijing and one in Guangzhou. There are also tentative plans for further Sino-Welsh cooperation, so there might be more trips next year. We shall see...

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