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Casino Royale

I keep meaning to post something about Casino Royale, but haven't quite pinned down my thoughts about it. So here are a few random musings.

I really like Daniel Craig as Bond. My favourite Bond ever.

Yes, really. I never did like Connery. Roger Moore will always be the Saint for me, not Bond. The others blur into a vague non-entity until Pierce Brosnan, who I did like, but he's a modern incarnation of Bond, which has advantages and disadvantages.

I have to admit that, despite having devoured most of the Bond books in my teens, I'm not really a Bond film fan at all. If I say that the last Bond film I saw in the cinema was probably Thunderball (1965) that *cough* not only gives away my age, but also amply demonstrates my lack of enthusiasm for the oeuvre. Though of course I have seen most of them on TV by now.

Bond (as I remember him from the books) is an urbane thug and this film captures that very well. They have also -- having taken on a relatively young actor -- decided to press the reset button and go right back to the beginning with Bond as a raw and inexperienced agent who has just earned his Double O status. This has solved some problems -- the silliness, the over-emphasis on gadgets etc -- but has opened up an whole new can of worms re the role of women. Which I don't have time to explore here because it would need a long essay to do it justice. *llygoden pokes worms hastily back into can with suitable implement and contents herself with drooling over the picture of Daniel Craig emerging from the sea.*

What I wish they'd done is to start totally from scratch and film it as a period drama set in the early 50s. But doing that would probably have lost them whole swathes of viewers, so I can see why they didn't.

But I am now even keener than ever to visit Karlovy Vary and stay in the Grand Hotel Pupp. G stayed there this summer and recognised many of the locations in the film.

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