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Catching up -- boring family stuff

I have lots that I should have been writing about here. I had a really nice trip to Cardiff last weekend to see our daughter A. The weather changed dramatically and instead of the endless grey skies, driving rain and gale force winds we've had for ages, we had intense blue skies and sun.

We skipped the shops, seeing as I didn't have any shopping to do (everyone's getting money or nothing this year!). Instead we had a wander round Cardiff Bay and a very nice fish and chip lunch. In the evening we went to the cinema and saw Deja Vu, which, while not great, was entertaining enough.

Next day A and I went for a walk in the park and then our son M came round for lunch. The journey wasn't too bad, despite the engineering work, which meant that the train stopped at Hereford and we all had to get a bus from there to Newport. Going home on Sunday though the train was 30 minutues late arriving in Hereford. But fortunately they held the Aberystwyth train for us in Shrewsbury, so I did get home more or less on time.

This weekend M came up to see us and his granddad. Having been up to see Dad last Friday, I won't be doing the usual family visit on Boxing Day. I can arrange to see my brother and his family another time, but it was actually nice to see Dad in less crowded circumstances. He seemed very well and was defnitely on form.

The plan is to totally veg out from now on. We have food: a turkey crown and a piece of pork, sundry veggies and other foodstuffs. What I didn't manage to get, because the Co-op had run out, were Christmas puddings. Ooops! I normally buy the ones the local baker makes, but this year I forgot.

As a last resort, I made Christmas puds this morning and they are quietly steaming: two in the slow cooker and two more in a big pan on the stove. I hope they'll be OK. Christmas puds are really better made some weeks in advance and left a while to mature. But they should be better than nothing. And the ones we don't eat tomorrow will be put aside for some meal in the future.

So really everything is as organised as it's every going to be for Christmas. I have nothing much to do. I should just be able to relax and enjoy myself. Instead I feel totally stressed and on the point of slipping right over into depression. It could be the long dark weeks without sun, or the fact that I still haven't finished all the marking for the fiction course (which should have been done by last Friday), or the fact that no one wants the novel, or reaction to the odd state of mind G's been in since returning from China, or... Well, I don't know really. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm in a state of mind that finds Lily Allen songs far too perky. I just had to cut her off in mid flow and skip to another track. Probably time to go and re-read that book on combating depression...

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