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Writing progress

Hand written first draft typed up 1055.
Reason for stopping: I'd done my allocated 40 minutes and reached the end of Chapter 3. Also it's lunch time.

It's still really zeroth draft, but not too bad, considering. This is the scene (possibly a first in a fantasy novel?) where Wil (newly arrived to run the hostel at the foot of the magic mountain) goes to the bank manager to ask for a loan to get them out of a sticky financial situation.


The bank manager put his elbows on his desk, placed his fingertips together and leant forwards, looking at Wil over his steepled hands. "In normal circumstances, assuming things were to carry on as they have been doing for the last one hundred and twenty six years, you would be an excellent prospect. But I'm afraid that nothing in life is certain and -- although the notice of sale hasn't been published yet, I'm not breaking any confidences as it is already general knowledge -- things are about to change in Longleton."

"They are?" Wil felt a tight knot of anxiety settle in the pit of his stomach.

"The mountain that the village and the hostel rely on to draw pilgrims into the area is for sale."

"Holly Pike is for sale?"

Master Griffwin nodded solemnly. "So, you see this changes everything. We can no longer rely on your predictions of numbers of visitors or the income they would have generated. In the circumstances, I cannot risk the bank's money on what will doubtless turn out to be a very risky venture. I am therefore sorry to say that I must refuse your request for a loan."

Wil stared stupidly at Master Griffwin before rallying for a moment to say, "There's nothing we can do to change your mind?"

Master Griffwin looked sorrowful, but shook his head. "Perhaps in six to twelve months, when we've had time to assess the impact that the sale will have on business, I will be only too pleased to reconsider. But at the present?" he gave a slight shrug. "I must therefore bid you good day, Master Willias," he said, rising to usher Wil out.

And so Wil found himself back in the outer office of the bank, without even the chance to finish his tea or eat the biscuits.

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