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Pesky varmints

anghara has been having problems with her printer.

Sometimes these gadgets are too clever for their own good. My husband once had the opposite problem. That is, the printer would happily chug away, but it was churning out blank page after blank page.

After lots of head scratching and on the point of contacting the Epson helpdesk, he realised that it was just out of ink. The counter or whatever it is that actually determines when a cartridge is empty assumes an average page of typescript. He'd been printing lots of pictures, which used up much more black.

But would the bloody thing let him change the cartridge? No. Because it was convinced there was still ink remaining, it wouldn't run the Park The Print Head In The Middle So My Nice Owner Can Replace The Cartridge routine.

In the end he had to physically wrestle it into submission and wrench the thing to a halt. With a new cartridge, printing was restored, and somehow the printer survived the rough handling.

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